Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A change is coming.

The business of advertising, marketing, and design is once again about to change.
In order to move forward and get bigger and better clients, we will need to offer much more than what we have been up to this point.
Everybody is creating logos, print, and web designs. And they are offering it cheap. This business went from being a profession where you needed a decent traditional art school education and some work experience, to a profession where you simply need a copy of Creative Suite and a computer.
It's almost as if everyone (and their brother) said "I don't know what I want to do for a living, hmmmm...well, I like creating stuff, I should be a designer".

I was quite angry about this transition, I even wrote articles and this blog all about it.
Recently, a friend of mine said to me...
"stop writing and complaining about what was, and become the expert on what will be".
She's right.

Times are changing once again. If you are a design professional, you will need to get on the next wave. We all will.
Stay in the land of static websites, brochures, and logos and expect to work for small change for start-ups that don't have a clue in regards to their budgets or marketing needs.
It is inevitable that they will be needing much more.

Bigger and better clients want bigger and better marketing opportunities.
And there are many coming. Technology is changing quickly. Those that can figure out what these are will make the next jump successfully.

Of course, there will always be a place for mediocrity. Some clients want it, and there will always be designers willing to offer it.
But companies will need to harness the new technology in order to compete, and the general public won't be able to supply their marketing needs by simply hanging out a shingle and calling themselves a "designer".

It's coming.
And I've been studying really hard.
Now I am spending some time finding the right people to put a solid team together to offer these services.

I was a surfer growing up. I spent many summers hanging 10 in a foreign country.
I feel like I have been patiently sitting on my board in the water for the last few years, waiting for this giant wave to roll in.
I now see it in the distance.
Many of the inexperienced will be swallowed up by it.
For the rest of us that are ready, the time to ride it to prosperity is fast approaching.


משפחת ענבר said...

Well, here is the movie...

Ronnie Lebow said...


משפחת ענבר said...

What he wrote about tech nerds get into advertisement is very true. I see it all around.
Companies which are semi-ad agencies semi-hightech startups are all around and they get a lot of attention and a lot of money.
A good friend of mine was just hired in one of them - http://www.ybrantdigital.com/ - to be a tech side project manager.

cmcjane said...

I just took my 16 year old daughter to Adobe's website and showed her the new CS5 and told her if she wanted to give herself a little jumpstart in life she should learn photoshop, illustrator, and indesign and incorporate that knowledge into her future work. I told her to start learning graphic design and assume that it would come in handy in just about anything she did.