Friday, May 18, 2007

God and Advertising

Recently, a CD gave some book reviews on an industry site. In my opinion, he gave some very interesting picks.
There was one book in particular that caught my attention. Out of the 10 selections, it generated a lot of feedback in the form of a debate. I have wondered if it was a mere coincidence or intentional that it appeared as his last review?

The book was titled “The God Delusion” and the author was Richard Dawkins.
As this CD stated in his review, “The biggest problem facing mankind isn’t global warming, it’s religious fundamentalism. This book will make a non-believer out of you.”

“It will make a non-believer out of me”. As somebody that already has mixed feeling on the subject this book sounds like my cup of tea. However, it seems that not everyone shares this sentiment.
The angry replies came in (as expected) about the existence of god and why would any of us want to be made into non-believers? Why would this CD suggest such a book?

On an advertising site I find this rather humourous. We are supposed to be open minded to suggestion in this industry. In fact, our very jobs are TO suggest. To brainwash people into buying things they probably don’t need. To fear that reading a book might make you into a non-believer means that you are as easily persuaded as those you try to manipulate every day. A few words and theories in print could erase any beliefs that you may have had throughout your life?
I intend to buy this book. To read it. To perhaps look at things from an angle I may not have explored in the past. Does that make me an atheist? Will I suddenly change my beliefs? Maybe, but probably not.

I spent over 10 years in private school as a youth studying the old testament. I had the existence of god pounded into my brain. Being open-minded on the subject, even as a child I questioned all of it. Over 5000 years have gone by and in this day and age we still take primitive beliefs and understandings as truth? Isn’t there the slight chance that we could be wrong?
Battles throughout history have been waged over who's invisible friend is superior. They still are today.

With all this in mind, I won’t argue how can this CD suggest this book. I’d argue, as an open-minded creative leader in today’s modern world, how could he not?


Joe Steel said...
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Joe Steel said...

Life was not created to be institutionalized, only experienced.

Old Testament, New Testament, makes no difference, they both are only worth whatever they can do towards your living experience.

It's the one common thread that runs through both.