Monday, September 08, 2008

The fishing trip.

As a freelance creative working from a home studio, I have a lot of creative work to do. Unfortunately, I also have a ton of NON-creative work to do. You have to keep constantly on people. I work in my office with a phone headset wrapped on my head. I'm either dealing on the phone with current clients, or looking for more clients. Looking for new clients is the part I dislike. It's a never ending search because you never want to be left without eggs in your basket. This is why I always appreciate working with agencies and marketing firms that bring me the work.

A friend of mine who's a corporate salesman just left his job with a major player last month.
We went for lunch a few weeks back and I told him that now that he's off, we should take a day and go fishing together on an autumn lake.

Later that week we are in a boat in North Ontario, in full rainsuits on a perfect, crisp, overcast, still, misty, drizzly morning.
It's early on a quiet Friday, the leaves are in full colour, the fish are biting, and we even watch a deer swim straight across the open lake.
Not a sound that day except for the light rain falling on the water every now and then.
He mentions that it doesn't get any better than this.
I look over at the relaxed smile on his face.

That's the exact moment when I decide to drop the bomb on him.

"Ever thought of going on your own and making your own schedule?
Here's an keep doing your sales thing, bring me clients and I'll give you a percentage of all the work I bill them."

Now, I've written about this in my blog in the past, if I had 3-4 of these guys working to bring me new business, directing potential clients to my website, from whatever location they want, virtual account would be beautiful.

He quickly agreed and we continued fishing. We never spoke a word about it again that day.

I'm meeting with the first client tomorrow.

Until next time. Keep Dreaming.

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