Monday, September 08, 2008

Retire? Why?

There has been an interesting discussion in the forum lately regarding how much money one would need to put away for retirement. In fact, I belong to several forums and this topic was brought up on another one as well.
It got me what age would I want to retire? The answer that I keep coming up with is simple.
My answer is never.

I entered this business always knowing what I wanted to do. It wasn’t like I woke up one day and thought “hey. I should go into advertising and design”. I knew since I was a kid where I was going. I knew that drawing and creating were going to be my life.
During high school, when people stressed out about their marks and getting into University, I was attending nude drawing classes (the models, not me) and working on my portfolio. Art school wasn’t just an idea in my head, it was my destiny. My stepping stone to a career in this business.

Later, after working hours at the agencies where I was employed, I was constantly bombarded with requests to create a logo for a company, a mural in a comedy club, a poster for a charity function etc. I took on every project I could get my hands on. I more or less still do. Everything I got into trouble for at school (daydreaming and drawing on my desk) makes me a very decent living and I have always enjoyed the vast variety of different projects.

I love the thrill of signing a new project. I get a high when the client tells me they absolutely love what I created for them. I feel a sense of completion writing “paid in full” on my client’s invoices. And most of all, I take great pride in seeing my work in a magazine or on the side of a building.
To me, retiring is when you have a crummy desk job that you can’t wait to bail from.
When you’ve spent 35 years watching the clock.
When you can’t wait to tell your boss to bite the big one.

I look at it like this...

Does a painter ever stop painting?
Does a musician stop making music?

Why would I ever stop doing what I’ve always done?
It’s in my blood.

I don’t want to worry about retirement. Right now all I want is bigger and better.
A bigger fishing boat and to constantly play better golf courses.
And as I age, bigger and better clients.

Until next time. Keep Dreaming.

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