Monday, September 08, 2008

Creativity and other ventures.

Creative people have creative ideas. This applies not only in our profession but on the side as well. Sometimes these ideas can swell so big inside your brain that it keeps you awake at night as you mull over the details. This was the case with me over the last few years. A small spark ignited in my head and eventually festered into an inferno.

I loved high school. I had the time of my life. I graduated in 1988 which means my 20th anniversary is coming up. I always thought to myself, wouldn't it be incredibly cool to throw the party?
Not just a party but THE party. One that people would talk about for years to come.
Living in Toronto, I attended a mix of schools growing up (both private and public) as well as a few summer camps, so my friends during my late teen years were spread out in several of the different schools in the city. Because of this, I decided that if I was going to throw a reunion, I’d want to see everybody. Not only from my school, but everyone that graduated that year.

My idea started with focus groups...discussions amongst my friends who all looked at it with a sense of excitement.
One night not too long ago, I sat down and created an ad for the event. This followed through to creation of the website.
Just one question remained…how would I spread the word easily and free of charge?

Just over a month ago I found my answer. The gates flew open.
An internet networking site that everybody was talking about. It made the newspapers recently because even members of Parliament were logging in during work hours. The newest holy grail of communication. A virginal advertising medium that could be used effectively and for absolutely nothing.

My idea became a reality.

Yesterday, the site went live. In the first half hour I had 20 people sign up. By days end, over 50. Fifty 38 year old professionals in a wide array of positions and companies. Naturally, I also placed a link to my company website. The hits spiked on that site too…and this is exactly the target audience I want.

Today is the morning after and the sign-ups continue at an incredible pace. I have until the New Year before I take the next step. In the meantime, I’m going to go with the flow, sit back, and watch the idea that started as a little spark inside my head hopefully blaze beyond my wildest expectations.
I may be in for a serious ride. Only time will tell.

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