Monday, September 08, 2008

It's just one of those days.

Here I sit, during the middle of the morning in the middle of the week, staring into space, wondering what I should do?

Truth is, I don’t feel like doing much of anything. I’m in a total funk. I’m fighting a nasty head and chest cold that hasn't allowed me to get much sleep and has drained me of any desire to make a phone call, work on anything, or try to conjure up some new business.
It’s all part of the joy of having kids. As soon as one of them comes home sick, you’re eventually doomed.

I'm not thinking much about work at this very moment. I have 13 projects that are in limbo right now. Some are in for French translation (for the Quebec market). Then there are the others…the clients needed them “yesterday” and of course, after pulling a few all-nighters, they have sat on them for 2 weeks because they “just haven’t gotten around to looking at the proofs yet”.

They should all get back to me by 3:00pm on Friday telling me they need the final changes done, the files burned to disc, and sent to the printers or uploaded to FTP sites etc. by the end of the day.

What do you do on days like this? I could watch a movie. I could creep around on Facebook.
I could put $20 on my VISA and join a few cheap online poker tournaments.
I could shop for music on ITUNES with my $250 after winning the IHAI March blogger’s prize (thanks everyone) or shop for deals on Kijiji (what an awesome site).
I could even read a good book.

But I really don’t feel like doing anything.
As one of the lines in one of my favourite songs goes…

“I like watching the puddles gather rain”.

Every once in a while, you simply need a day like this.

Until next time. Keep dreaming.

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